Green Resources

October 23, 2007

reading/ A great list of books about green design, economics and arquitecture compiled by John Tackara.

festivals/ Dott 07 (Designs of the time 2007) is a year of community projects, events and exhibitions based in North East England that explore what life in a sustainable region could be like – and how design can help us get there.

calculate/ How big is your carbon footprint? Find out, and then do something about it!

blog / TreeHungger Daily news about how you can be greener.

blog/ The sustainable style weblog. Look fabulous, live well, do good.

info/ Europa European Union site with useful information about how to protect the envionment. If you live in Europe will find how to get grants to your green projects.

design/ Design for future’07. Recycling of Sense is the name of the exhibit that was held at Olhão, Portugal and organised by the Portuguese organisation Design for Future. Worth a virtual revisit or visit if you didn’t have the chance to see it.



Welcome to my first post.

Here you will find links to things that I feel that inspire me right now.

Enjoy them.

music/ Young Galaxy
Relaxed cool music form guys from CA. Very beautiful.

reading/ Ending Aging by Aubrey de Grey
An amazing deep look at how we might conquer the disease aging. A super clever man.

trends/ Hype Diss
A new site dedicated to link what we think is Hot or Not.

fashion/ Kilo Goods
A sportware Brand from Brooklyn. For this collection they came with amazing Underground Super Glam vintage bold prints. Check the t-shirts and coats.

share/ Post to Found
A find and sharing image-bookmark site.

mobile/ Socialight
Mobile mapping site. With your mobile share to the world or friends where your abouts and recommend places you like.

virtual/ Vside
A Virtual world for Party People.

fashion/ Unconditional
English clothes brand. Modern London Look. For Girls and Boys.

Health / Good Calories, Bad Calories by Gary Taubes
The debate goes on about the best healthy diet the low carb versus low fat, etc… This is a well research book about what makes you fat and what you should avoid. This is also my diet and love it.