Totally pop songs

April 5, 2008


This post is all about my favorite pop songs of the moment. They are totally Fun and Addicted. Enjoy them in the sun…

Blind by Hercules and the Love Affair/ Well probably you hear this song already. Great fcked up disco song with vocals by the marvelous Antony.

I Lust u (album version) by Neon Neon/ Electro song that comes from an amazing album that rides from 80’s, rap to sci-fi references. Best album of the year so far…

L.S.F. (Lost Souls Forever) by Kasabian/ Remember Oasis? Well this are better and energetic. Great modern rock song from a great rock album with fab songs.

It’s Not My Name by Ting Tings/ Not so new song but still ear it and loving it. Ting Tings are an pop alternative Arty band from Salford, U.K.

Grand DJ by Ting Tings/ The newest song from Ting Tings. Great.

Ready for the Floor by Hot Chip/ Catchy and at same time complex song. The album is a bit dark and downtempo but very emotional. Nice video.

Onyx by Space Art/ This is not a new song but a old vintage song that was just digitalized by Anthology Recordings and is on sale recently ready to download. Space Art is a French band that was formed by two friends in Paris in 1977. The album is highly tragic and dramatic full of synths and heavy drums. Highly recommended!

And do support the artist buying their music and not stealing it!