These are my everyday web tools that makes my day really productive.

protopage/  is a start page that you can customise according to your needs. There you can have you bookmarks, feeds, list and your resources in a nice and customise design.Also can set up a public page. Has been 3 years since it I have been used and can’t leave without it.

zimbra/  provides open source email and calendar groupware software. Check your emails, share multiple calendars, share collaborative projects, tasks and also can upload stuff. Works and synchronise nicely with your mobile/pda.

google search and scoopler/  for real time search scoopler is a really good new toll to know what is happening now on the web.

google alerts/  another tool to keep me  track of topics, people and brands  on the web.

twittter and facebook/ no need to introduction. This is where I connect to people and to get and give information in real time.

diigo/ more than a bookmark page site it also have nice cool features to organise information  like lists, highlights, sticky notes and comments.

dopplr/  this is were I organize my trips share them with friends and work pal.

retaggr/ a central location for my personal info, and a gateway to all my online profiles and networks.

tumblr/ microblog that is easy to post and works really well. Have audio post that I have to try. Check my Tumblr blog.